Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Introduction to the Ruby Register

Hey Everyone

I am a manager at a gas station that uses two ruby register. I have been working on a ruby register for over 4 years. A ruby register is one of the most common POS systems at many gas stations. As simple as it is to work with, there is alot of things that go on behind the sales function that are necessary for a new manager or new owner of a ruby register to know. Tasks such as changing the price of a product within the store, changing gas prices, batch report printing, night report printing, monthly reports, and much more. In my four years, I have faced alot of tasks that needed to be done, and the only tool I had at my disposal was trial and error and hope to god it would work. So from now on I will post a blog on how to do one new function daily. And also if you have any question on something that goes wrong feel free to comment or question me and you might be able to save alot of money on something that is easy to fix.